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Invisalign® in Montgomery Village and Gaithersburg

For adults and teens looking for straighter smiles, Invisalign® offers effective orthodontic alignment along with the convenience provided by a clear aligner. These braces, made from a nearly transparent plastic, are virtually invisible and are entirely removable. As an Invisalign® preferred provider, Alan J. Dinkin, DDS, is experienced in utilizing this braces option to help his patients achieve improved dental appearance and function. At our dental practice, we help teens and adults align smiles in Gaithersburg as well as in nearby Montgomery Village and Kentlands.

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Enjoy Freedom While Improving Dentition 

As an orthodontic treatment, Invisalign® is focused on patient convenience, imposing no extraordinary requirements for oral home care or diet and allowing patients to continue their daily life. Since they can be removed, mealtimes are not an inconvenience, giving patients the option to eat and drink normally. For effective treatment, Invisalign® needs to be left in the smile for 22 hours a day, and since they are largely unseen by others, patients can feel secure in laughing, speaking, and taking pictures while wearing Invisalign®. In order to accommodate patients who enjoy traveling, we supply a few weeks’ worth of aligners, allowing them to continue their treatment even while away from home. 

Is Invisalign® Right for Me?

At our Gaithersburg dental practice, we provide Invisalign® as a treatment for teens and adults with a range of orthodontic issues, such as undesired spaces between teeth or dental misalignment. In some cases, Invisalign® can be used to correct the alignment relapse that individuals who have previously received braces may experience. These clear aligners are able to restore the aesthetic appeal of uniform dentition.

Dr. Dinkin may recommend Invisalign® in preparation for an advanced procedure, such as dental implant placement. Additionally, a straight smile promotes better oral health by reducing spaces where food can become trapped, allowing both you and your dentist to more easily clean the smile. 

How Patients Receive Invisalign® Treatment

Before offering Invisalign® as the optimal method for orthodontic treatment, Dr. Dinkin first takes time with each patient and thoroughly examines their smile. To ensure an appropriate and comfortable fit for their clear aligners, patients will have dental impressions taken. Our Gaithersburg dentist will then send these models along to a dedicated Invisalign® lab, where the aligners are created. Patients will wear each set for about two weeks before moving on, with Dr. Dinkin adjusting the sets throughout the treatment to ensure a truly customized approach. 

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Through our commitment to providing quality dental services tailored to meet our patients’ wishes, our practice welcomes the opportunity to help patients achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. Dr. Dinkin offers Invisalign® aligners to individuals near Gaithersburg, Montgomery Village, Kentlands, and other areas. Give us a call, today!