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Family Dentistry in Montgomery Village

At our family dental practice, Dr. Alan Dinkin provides families with the total dental care they need to obtain beautiful smiles. Patients can turn to our practice to receive effective, yet conservative dental care as well as cosmetic procedures customized to their unique situation. Our dental team proudly serves patients of all ages in Montgomery Village and Kentlands, striving to keep their smiles healthy for a long time.

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Comprehensive Family Dental Services

The primary goal of our family dental practice is to ensure our patients’ oral health and hygiene are well-established. All of our patients receive thorough dental exams where we examine the smile and learn about the condition of our patients’ dentition. We provide parents and children with education on proper oral health practices, as well as tips on how to incorporate these seamlessly into their daily routine. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of our family patients’ dental experience, we will see young patients and their parents at the same time. From the initial appointment to future procedures, we are fully invested in the healthy smiles of our Gaithersburg families.

First Visit To Our Family Dentistry

Enhancing a patient’s oral health from the first visit involves a few steps. Our first is to provide a treatment plan based on our observations and the health history of patients. Then, we deliver long-lasting results through proven techniques and quality materials. We are always working to advance the health and continued function of the smile. 

Early Orthodontic Treatment For Children

For younger patients, we will keep track of their smile development, protect their young teeth, and, when appropriate, provide orthodontic exams. Children require gentle care not only to develop a healthy smile but also establish a trusting relationship with the dentist. To help us with this process, we offer the safe option of dental sedation.

Dental Care For The Whole Family

Montgomery Village family dentist, Dr. Alan Dinkin

In addition to taking care of our patients’ dental needs, Dr. Dinkin can supply-enhancing treatments to help them achieve their dental goals. We want to assist patients in attaining the smiles they’ve always wanted.  

Younger patients can benefit from fluoride sealants, and we help teens obtain straighter smiles using Invisalign in Gaithersburg

For adult patients, including parents and seniors, our Gaithersburg practice offers many cosmetic options to improve the appeal of their smiles, from veneers to teeth whitening.

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Dr. Alan Dinkin is passionate about providing families with complete care for their various dental needs. For more information on the services we provide, call our Gaithersburg practice today to schedule an appointment. 

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